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Construction Workers at Sunset

Masonry Incorporated was built on the foundations of hard work and respect. Clients can rest assured that the reputable teams at Masonry Incorporated will always complete every project, no matter how complex, in a timely and professional manner. 
As a result of the reputable work produced by Masonry Incorporated, many awards have been received over the years. These awards include several Associated Buildings and Contractors Project Awards, Subcontractor of the Year Awards and an ICF Project of the Year Award. 
Masonry Incorporated intends to continue to grow while educating, diversifying and competing as an industry leader for many years to come.

Safety Statement

It is company policy of Masonry Incorporated to ensure a safe, healthful workplace for all its employees by implementing a safety program at every job. The program includes, but is not limited to: the identification and/or removal of safety hazards, weekly safety meetings, enforcement of all employees wearing appropriate safety equipment at all times and regular safety inspections conducted by management.

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